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Word up! Y is for YARROW

Y is for Yarrow
/ˈjæroʊ/ (botanical name Achillea)
Traditional border flowers valued for their feathery foliage and striking flat, circular heads of flowers throughout the main summer season, often as late as November. They team well with other perennial flowers and are a vital ingredient of a traditional herbaceous border. Attractive to bees, the blooms also are good for cutting or drying. Plants spread slowly into fat clumps without becoming invasive.
Y is for YARROW

2 thoughts on “Word up! Y is for YARROW

  1. Hi!
    I was interested to hear that Yarrow is good for drying. My beautiful dried giant poppy seed heads have sparked an interest in flowers / foliage / grass that can be dried and used as ornamental decoration in the home, all year round. Artificial flowers just don’t do the job and fresh flowers are lovely but cannot be afforded too often! Perhaps you could do a post on this? Maybe others will appreciate ideas for this too.

    1. Thanks for the interesting comments – a post about drying flowers …what a good idea!
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