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V is for Variegated – Word up!

A term used to describe differences in colouration of leaves, stems and sometimes in flowers. Variegation is usually a combination of green, yellow and white and is the result of some cells having less green pigment (chlorophyll). With less chlorophyll they are less vigouress and do not cope well with shade or semi-shade. Variegated plants are propagated vegatively.
Word up V is for VARIEGATED

3 thoughts on “V is for Variegated – Word up!

  1. Some variegated plants can be propogated by seed. It all depends on the nature of the mutation (somatic or chimerica).

    There are pepper and tomato varieties which are propogated from seed (Jigsaw, Tri-color, Fish, Splash of Cream etc). Also a variety of nasturtium that does this which I think is called ‘Alaska’.

    I would add that sometimes variegation includes the colors pink, purple and reddish tones.

    1. I have seen that variety of nasturtium, they look lovely! Thanks for that extra info.
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  2. Very interesting – many thanks for the information!

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