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What is GMO, and why should you be scared?

ddt is good for me

You probably have heard the phrase GMO before but what does it really mean?.


GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. It means that an organism has been changed by altering its genes or taking away some of the genes or even add genes. This is done by using DNA of bacteria, viruses, other plants and even animals.


Why would you alter, take away or add genes to an organism?

When concerning food, or seeds, this is done to make a crop more resistant to pests, herbicides (or pesticides) and harsh growing conditions, to improve the sustainability of the crop and to increase nutrients.

How wonderful! So why is this bad?

The problem with GMO seeds is this; It is extremely bad for the environment, it gives large conglomerates a monopoly in the food industry and its affects on us (and the rest of the food chain) are completely unpredictable.

Surely it can’t be that bad?

Yes, it is. GMO seeds may be resistant to pests, but there are always some (super bugs) that find a way to become resistant (nature always finds a way). Because of this, the plants are sprayed with more poisonous and more vicious herbicides, and these wash off the plants, into the soil and into ground water and so on.

Overuse of  these herbicides results in “super weeds” which have to be sprayed with even more chemicals which makes this deadly toxic cycle complete. It will not surprise you that the company which sells the GMO seeds also sells this extremely toxic herbicides. They even sell seeds custom made for a specific chemical herbicide.

So, it’s Dangerous?

Yes, absolutely, genetically modifying can be dangerous. Mixing genes from totally unrelated species is asking for trouble. Inserting parts of a virus to the DNA of an organism might give you a clue. They simply cannot say with certainty that it is not dangerous, although they try.

Once upon a time we were told DDT was perfectly safe, they said the same thing about lead in our fuel and CFK’s in our fridge.., nothing to worry about, they said.
ddt is good for me (or dangerous)Now, “they” are saying the same about GMO. However, it is dangerous for wildlife, our soil organisms and marine life. Already we see a reduction of butterflies and it is been scientifically proven that bees are killed by herbicides.

It’s your food!

Altered seeds grow into plants and produce crops, these crops are being processed into food that we eat. Catch my drift? These alterations are still inside the corn kernel, it ends up on your plate and later in your stomach.

Because your body doesn’t know what to do with these ‘alterations’ it stores it in you fatty tissue, it doesn’t leave your body.

Do you really think that our bodies are not effected by these alterations?

No Advantages

Then there is the fact that it has not been proven to increase yield, be drought resilient or have extra nutritional values, or any other benefit for the consumer as stated by the GMO companies. So it all comes down to the amazing lobbyists of GMO companies, who are doing a bang up job so they can take over the food industry.

This is not for your benefit, for your health or for society, it is about money and power.

Farmers who have fields of regular non-gmo seed crops are being sued by the large GMO companies because eventually the GMO seed gets blown in their fields and take over since they are the master of self seeding.

A Different Strategy

But, equally horrible. In Europe, thankfully, these companies have a hard time getting their GMO’s unto the market. So, they try a different strategy; patents.

Recently the European Union has granted Monsanto the patent on Broccoli. This means that they own broccoli in all it’s natural form (read that again).

They wont stop and are trying the same in the US. The implications of these patents are truly horrific. It goes to show that these companies are not interested (nor invested) in your welfare. Working the system to obtain a patent on Broccoli means only one thing, and one thing alone.., Power.

The question here is not necessarily whether it is morally or ethically wrong.., but, more importantly; Where will it end?

Don’t let this happen

When did we agree on having large conglomerated controlling nature? Why do governments and judges let themselves be corrupted by these companies? And why aren’t more people outraged about this? One question I would like to have answered, where is this all going to lead to, what is the end game? I can’t think of anything positive. You?

What can you do?

  • Buy organic (make sure it is, in the US ‘organic’ is not a protected label, anyone can use it)
  • Support your local organic farmers (they really need your help)
  • Support organic seed companies (chances are they will be outlawed in the near future)
  • Do your own research on GMO and patents (you need to know this)
  • Support organisations that are trying to do something about it like;
    No Patents on Seeds!
    Bionext (Netherlands)
    The Berne Declaration (Switzerland)
    GeneWatch (UK)
    Greenpeace (Germany)
    Misereor (Germany)
    Development Fund (Norway)
    No Patents on Life (Germany)
    Rete Semi Rurali (Italy)
    Reseau Semences Paysannes (France)
    and Swissaid (Switzerland)
  • Spread the word, tell everyone the facts on GMO seeds. Maybe then more people are outraged about the power these companies have (which is more than you think)
  • And most of all keep on growing your own. Grow wonderful heirloom varieties that have been around for centuries.
    Claim your right to grow your own and enjoy a healthy meal from your own produce.
    Save seeds and create your own seed bank and swap seeds with other growers.

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  1. Great summary! Thanks.

    1. Thank you! We hope more people will understand the dangers of GMO now.
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  3. Hey, was just wondering if you had any citations to back up any of those claims. I completely believe in everything i read(ive heard it from other sources) but ppl nowadays dont believe anything without proof, :/

    1. If you can let me know what you are looking for specifically then I might be able to help you. I can recommend watching a documentary called the Garden of Destiny where experts talk about the effects of GMO.
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