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Sweet Pea challenge 2014… SowandSo style!

Sweet Peas

Back in January  Laila and I challenged you to  join us in a bit of fun and grow sweet peas up a self-designed and self-built plant support system, aiming to incorporate as many recycled components as possible…

We set a date and asked you to plan and build something – whacky or traditional – and share photos of your constructions with us via Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Twitter, promising to publish photos of your creations, along with our own, on the SowandSo website on …Tuesday 1 April.

So, (…drum roll…) here we go:

Bridget at The Villas:

Sweet Pea challenge 2Sweet Pea challenge 1

Laila In the Ardennes:

140308 - Trellis Sweet Peas trellis 2 Sweet Peas trellis 3

Mark @Marksvegplot:

Marks Sweet pea Trellis

However, if you missed the Pretty Please Sweet Peas post, it’s not too late to join in – in fact, the more the merrier …and then in the summer we can share more pics and drool over each others floral displays. It’s just a shame there’s no such thing as online scratch and sniff

Sweet Pea season 2014 – BRING IT ON!

By Bridget Elahcene

Up until five years ago I had no experience of growing vegetables other than encouraging my young children at the time to take an interest in GYO for a couple of years – mainly in an effort to get them out of the house and into the fresh air.

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Thanks Tina! We hope you might be able to join us creating a trellis of some sort but most of all grow Sweet Peas this year. They are a must have for the summer garden, or even balcony.

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