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Our Sunflower Competition is a Tradition

Although we haven’t mentioned it so far, our Sunflower competition is more or less a given.

The traditional “Who can grow the tallest sunflower” is an annual challenge. At the end of the season you can send us a photo of you with a tape measure measuring your largest sunflower.

Who can beat Michael Dahl this year???

2 thoughts on “Our Sunflower Competition is a Tradition

  1. What are the rules? I would like to give my friend Michael a little competition next year!

    1. No rules really, just grow the largest sunflower you can. When the sunflower is at its tallest take a photo with a tape measure for proof and either place it on our SowandSo facebook page or send it by mail to
      At the end of the season we will write a blogpost and place all the photos in the blogpost announcing the winner.
      Really hope you will join next year. It looks like Michael will win AGAIN this year. Which of course we are TRILLED about but it would be nice to have a bit of competition. 🙂
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