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Sow and So Sunflower Competition 2015

The first signs that summer will soon be over are here. Some of the veggies in the garden are past their prime and so are some of the flowers. The sunflowers have reached their maximum height so it is time to announce this year’s winner of the Sow and So Sunflower Competition 2015.


As you may or may not know, for the last two years our friend Michael Dahl has been the winner of our sunflower competition. Will he win again? Will he win three years in a row? Let’s find out!

We have had some wonderful responses from our readers, some placed photos on our Sow and so Facebook page and some sent their entry by email. In total (including Bridget and of course Michael Dahl) we have 5 contestants this year.

5th place

I have been really busy with other things than gardening which left more room for failure. I am not even going to show you a photo of my sunflowers. It is extremely embarrassing!!!. In fact let’s quickly move on to Bridget because she has done fabulously. Her largest sunflower measures 254 cm (100 inches). Many thanks to Bridget for keeping the Sow and So name high.

Bridget's Sunflower
Bridget’s Sunflower

4th place

In fourth place we have Nicole Grabarec. Her sunflower measures 274 cm (9 feet or 108 inches). Many thanks for your entry, your sunflower has a great view over the neighbourhood!

Nicole's Sunflower
Nicole’s Sunflower

3rd Place

I couldn’t believe it either. I had to look it up and see if I made a mistake but I didn’t. In 3rd place this year is …Michael Dahl! No hat-trick for him. I think it is back to the seed catalogues to find yourself the ultimate heirloom seed to beat this year’s winner and come back next year stronger than ever!! Michael’s sunflowers are a magnificent 297 cm (117 inches). Many thanks for entering again and keep on growing!!!

Michael's sunflower
Michael’s sunflower
Michael's sunflower
Michael’s sunflower

2nd place

This year in second place we have Shyvonne Turner. Now look at those sunflowers with enormous heads. It is a miracle they are still upright! Her sunflower measured an amazing 335 cm (132 inches/11 feet). We asked her what her secret is and she said CHICKEN LITTER! (and the rabbits did not eat her seedlings). You did a fabulous job Shyvonne. Many thanks for entering our competition and sending us that great photo!

Shyvonne's sunflower
Shyvonne’s sunflower

1st PLACE!!!!

I was sure Shyvonne’s sunflower was going to be the winner this year! And then this week we had another entry. He placed a photo of his Giraffe Sunflower on Facebook and emailed me some more photos and added some extra information; it’s his first year growing sunflowers too! I have to say that the variety name is very appropriate. Congratulations Mike Harradence, you are this year’s WINNER of the Sow and So Sunflower Competition 2015. His sunflower measured an awesome 358 cm!! (141 inches).

Mike's Sunflower
Mike’s Sunflower

We very much like the little detail of the newspaper 🙂

Mike's sunflower
Mike’s sunflower

Not only can Mike grow very large sunflowers, his display of smaller varieties look lovely as well.

Sun Flower comp Mike 3

Many thanks to everybody who participated in this year’s Sow and So Sunflower competition!!

3 thoughts on “Sow and So Sunflower Competition 2015

  1. I look forward to this competition each year. I love planning for it. I love the anticipation as my sunflowers reach high. Thanks for building the community Laila and Bridget. And congratulations, Mike Harradence.
    Michael Dahl recently posted…my garden this week:  death and amaranthMy Profile

    1. I hope a lot more people will participate next year!. I have enjoyed the great variety of sunflowers we have seen this year. Thanks again for participating and engaging in this community Michael!
      Laila Noort recently posted…Sow and So Sunflower Competition 2015My Profile

  2. WOW!!! Impressive! I’m determined to get a place on the podium in 2016 …and we’ve got plenty of chicken litter so there are no excuses!!!! Well done every one.

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