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Recipe: Kale Stew


1,5 kilo potatoes
1 kilo finely cut kale
300 grams of bacon
3 large onions
200 ml cream
olive oil
rookworst ( smoked sausage – typical Dutch )


Cook the potatoes and kale in about 25 minutes, ( kale on top of the potatoes)
In the mean time fry the bacon bits in about 4 minutes, put a little butter or olive oil with the bacon and fry the onions with them until they are lightly browned. Cook the smoked sausage.
Mash the potatoes and kale together, mix the bacon and onions and the cream in it and serve it with the warm smoked sausage.
Anyone who is a vegetarian, you can fry the onions and serve the dish with a vegetarian substitute. ( recipe thanks to Marianne Oud –

3 thoughts on “Recipe: Kale Stew

  1. I can vouch for this one – it was delicious! Will grow some next year- have got the packet of seeds already 🙂

    1. The plants grow pretty big, the leaves look very comforting with frost on them, like they want to say; No matter how cold it gets, I will take care of you!

  2. […] butterflies left it alone, hence no caterpillars! Several times during last winter I made a hearty Dutch kale stew. This year I decided to grow an heirloom kale called ” Sutherland”. This is a flat […]

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