Recipe for Slug Bait and How to Make a Trap

Is your garden overrun with slugs? Then we have a great affordable idea for slug bait and trap.

Slug Trap

Slug trap revealed

What you need for the trap;

  • Empty beer cans
  • Plastic flower pots with a ‘door’ cut in the top (these help to keep the rain out as well as make the trap more attractive to the slug!)

Slug Bait

Slug bait ingredients

How to make the bait; (you can use beer but it makes quite expensive bait so I made my own concoction)

  • 2 cups warm water
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • half a teaspoon of dried yeast

Using a funnel, pour some slug bait into the beer cans.
Bury each beer can in the ground leaving about 3cm protruding.
Cover the beer can with an upturned flowerpot, making sure there is room for the slug to get in through the door so it can access the bait.

Aim to use one can per square metre.

If you do not want to make your own slug trap then there are a lot of different traps ready to buy, take for example this lovely frog – slug and snail trap. We would however encourage you to make your own slug bait instead of using chemicals.



  1. I have made Bridget’s slug bait and trap and it is working!!

  2. Dianne Nikiforuk says:

    How often do you empty the traps and change the concoction?

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