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Propagator heated

A few weeks ago I ordered a heated propagator and today I put it into use. It has seven different trays, each with its own hard plastic cover and the bottom tray has little holes in the base. The trays are placed on a slate which is heated and the soil heats up through the little holes…


Propagator with cover

I have put it to use straight away because I have a few warmth-loving seeds that take a long time to germinate. The propagator will stay indoors on the veranda (which acts a bit like a greenhouse). I have sown:

  • five different kinds of Chilli Pepper. One Curry chilli which is a long red variety perfect for making curries, two Habaneros (an orange and a red), one called Ring of Fire which was a gift from the chilli pepper company and one called Little Elf which has small colourful chilli peppers;
  • a sweet pepper called Sweet Chocolate – a great variety with purple almost brown skin, known for its earliness and its suitability for cool climates and
  • white onion Sturon – apparently perfect for early spring sowing. I have never sown onions before, having always bought seed onions in the past, so I am excited to see how this will work out.

Veg and Flowers

I’ve also got a few unheated propagators and I have placed small pots sown with seeds in these. In a few of the pots I have sown an aubergine called Diamond which is suited for cool, short summers and Red Celery which is also cold resistant. In another propagator I have sown some Nasturtium called Prince Charming. I had the same Nasturtium seeds last year and sowed them directly into the ground but they did not do well. I think it was the cold wet summer so this year I am giving them a head start…


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