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Propagating Lavender at the Villas…

Lavender Seeds

Early this year I bought a packet of Munstead Lavender seeds that have been very successful, the resulting plantlets currently doing well in a nursery bed in the fruit cage. However I was interested to try a bit of propagating this time because it looked easy, it’s free and because you can never have too much lavender in a garden!

Lavender close up

The moment came last weekend when I prepared to remove the spent flower heads and cut back our five metre long lavender hedge following the lovely warm, sunny summer we’ve just enjoyed.

Lavender cuttings 1


Side Shoots

There weren’t that many suitable stems – I guess I should really have done it a month or two ago, but even so I found a dozen or so …enough to fill a medium sized pot and to satisfy my curiosity and desire for a challenge.

Choose side shoots as cuttings (this year’s growth), pulling them away from the main stem with a thin strip of bark, or heel, still attached. The heel is important as it is where the roots of the new plant will develop.

cuttings 2

Trim off the small flap of excess bark with a sharp knife.

Trimming excess bark

Remove the lower pairs of leaves so that the cutting has a length of bare stem that can be cleanly inserted into the compost.

Removing excess leaves from cuttings

Dip the cut end of each cutting into rooting hormone and insert several cuttings around the edge of small pots of gritty compost.

Dipping cut end in rooting hormone Pot with cuttings

Water the compost well and then cover the whole pot with a clear polythene bag to maintain a humid atmosphere around the cuttings.

Placing Polythene bag over pot with cuttings

Put the pots in a warm, shaded place. Once rooting has started (usually after four to six weeks), cut the corner of the bag to increase ventilation.

Remove the bag completely after a few weeks, leave cuttings in place until they are well rooted, then pot up individually.

Lavender cuttings 6



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