Kimchi is a fermented Korean side dish made with a variety of vegetables like cabbage, carrots and radishes.

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Kimchi is a Korean side dish which can be made from a variety of vegetables, traditionally cabbage and daikon radish. These vegetables are salted and fermented. Fermented food is extremely good for you. According to Wikipedia; One serving provides over 50% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C and carotene. It is also rich with vitamin A, Calcium, Iron and Lactic Acid Bacteria. This variety of kimchi is made with kale, carrots, radishes, ginger, garlic and lots of dried chilli flakes so it is SPICY. Once opened it will need to be kept in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks. You can use kimchi as a side dish with a diversity of Asian dishes. I like to eat it with BBQ chicken, rice and steamed veggies.


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