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Polytunnel in December

Outside it is -1°C, inside it is 10°C. Inside the polytunnel that is!

On a beautiful winter’s day, with freshly fallen snow and lots of sunshine there is nothing better than to open up the polytunnel and do a bit of gardening.

Chinese Cabbage

This year I am not growing a whole lot during the winter months in the polytunnel. I have placed my pots inside, put on a nice layer of compost on some of the veg beds and have sown some green manure in others  giving the polytunnel a bit of a rest. Luckily our polytunnel is quite large so there is still enough space to grow some Chinese cabbage, which I sowed in the autumn …and they are doing brilliantly as you can see!

Chinese Cabbage in the polytunnel in December

Broad Beans

The broad beans planted out in November are doing really well too, growing very slowly but steadily. I will probably cover them with extra fleece if we do get severe frost later on.  I planted a few plants outside during spring for summer growth but they did not do as well as the autumn sown ones in the polytunnel. Only a few months and then we can enjoy the first broad beans of the season.

Broad Beans in the polytunnel in December

Surprise seedlings

As well as Chinese cabbage and broad beans, we also have coriander, chard and perpetual spinach and one corner of the tunnel is covered with strawberry plants….you can never have too many strawberry plants in my opinion! I spent a few lovely hours in the polytunnel, with the sun shining it almost felt like summer. I was clearing out the last of the chilli plants and weeding between the coriander plants when I saw two seedlings that look remarkably like courgette or pumpkin seedlings. Ahhh the joys of gardening in a polytunnel. It just keeps on surprising me!

Courgette or pumpkin seedling


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