First Plants in the new Polytunnel; Strawberries of course!


Outside there was a strong wind blowing which made it feel a lot colder than 13°C. Inside everything was calm and when the sun came out, the temperatures rose to a balmy 25°C. Oh heavenly polytunnel, where have you been all my gardening life!

Strawberry starter

Right now all my seedlings are happily biding their time in the polytunnel, waiting to be planted out. In the meantime I’ve bought a few strawberry plants which I’ve planted already – officially the first in the tunnel. It is a bit of a tradition for me as I started out gardening with one strawberry plant and got hooked because of the incredible taste of my first home grown juicy strawberry. There weren’t many varieties in our local garden centre so I took what I could get – something called Strawberry Fantastica…

I can’t wait to eat my first polytunnel grown strawberry!!

Strawberry flower

Strawberries in the polytunnel 2 Strawberries in the polytunnel

What are you growing at the moment in your polytunnel or greenhouse?




  1. Hooray! You have made a good start! Here’s hoping the tunnel will be highly productive for you.

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