Planning our plot

Yesterday I had a talk with our architect and it seems that things are finally swinging into action for the build of our house. This is very good news because the sooner our house is finished the sooner I can start with the garden.

We have a plot of land measuring 4000 m². Of that 2000 m² is agricultural land and the rest is the build zone. It is a bit of a weird shape being only 20 metres wide and 200 metres long. However this does make it good for creating zones. Below I have done a drawing of the lay of the land (please excuse my drawing skills):

Right behind the house we will create an ornamental and herb garden with kitchen herbs, flowers, shrubs, a lawn and an outdoor kitchen with a clay oven. We want to have shrubs that stay small to retain the view we have from our living room window. Behind the ornamental garden we will build a shed and chicken run.

After that we will turn our attention to the polytunnel and the raised beds for our vegetables. I have only drawn a few beds but the plan is to grow vegetables for a profit so the vegetable garden will be ??

We are planning an orchard as well, with fruit trees and soft fruits such as raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants etc etc. We haven’t yet decided which fruit trees to get. Since cultivating this land will take years and years, we’ll have plenty of time to work that out.

There will also be a meadow where we will grow flowers for bees and other pollinating insects and once established will leave it pretty much it to its own devices. Right at the far end, one of the lowest points of the plot we plan to plant some willow trees. We want to use the branches to weave fences.  Somewhere we shall also plant at least one linden (lime tree) because you can make great tea from the flowers.

All in all, we definitely have our work cut out. It all starts with the building of our house which will hopefully commence in April. As soon as we move in we can get rid of the temporary house that we placed behind the build zone and re-assess the land we have to play with. It all looks okay on paper but 4000 m2 is pretty big! In the meantime, we have a handful of vegetable beds and three cats….

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