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Have you heard of Pinterest? It is like an online scrapbook where you can put all kinds of photos and videos of things you like, love, want or dream of. You can create boards on different subjects, from cooking and gardening to DIY, favorite places and even dream kitchens – ANYTHING! You can then share these photos (pins) with other people. You can follow the people as individuals or just one or more of their boards… whatever you’re interested in.


cucumber trellis seen on PinterestFor me, the great thing about Pinterest is that its inspirational. I have seen lots of good ideas this way that I have already implemented in my own garden. Take for example this cucumber trellis, I found a photo of a similar one on Pinterest and Rogier created it after that image- it is wonderfully simple but you just have to come up with the idea in the first place, right? And because this cucumber trellis is such a good idea, I want to share it with as many people as possible so I’ve re-pinned it to my followers …who may then do the same to theirs.

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Pinterest is an online, mainly female community (over 75% of its members are women) and I love it. Please don’t say you don’t want to join yet another social media group because Pinterest is special – it feels cosy, warm and welcoming. The emphasis is on photos and frequently you’ll catch sight of some very good  pictures, which is always a treat!


At the moment Pinterest is still by invitation only. If you are curious and want to join, then send me an email at or connect via Twitter (@sowandso) and I will send you an invite. For those of you who are already on Pinterest then you can follow our sowandso garden board!!

Hope to see you soon on Pinterest!


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