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Paris in January


At the beginning of January we went on a spontaneous road trip to Paris – we had a few days to spare and it’s only a three and a half hour drive away. Who could resist?

We left early Wednesday morning and arrived about lunch time just as the sun broke through the clouds. We had a lovely walk around Paris Attractions: Jardin Luxembourg, Notre Dame, Louvre, Tuilleries on to the Eiffel Tower and slowly back again to our hotel in St Germain. My husband wanted to visit the Apple store but I only had eyes for the green stuff…

Paris in January is in fact surprisingly green. Of course the trees are bare, there is mud and puddles and the parks do not have many flowers but here and there were some surprises.

Parisians clearly love to grow plants. There are lots of nurseries and many balconies spill over with geraniums, lavender and even bamboo.

Parisian Balcony with Geraniums and Lavender

Walking along the Seine we saw this barge with a green roof…(what a place to live!)

Barge in Paris with green roof

…or this barge with a Bamboo privacy screen?

Barge in Paris with a gardenAll over Paris there are these little rose shops. They don’t seem to sell anything other than roses, in little bouquets or large plump roses in all different colours in pots livening up the wet and cold January streets.Rose shop in Paris

Rose bouquets in Paris

And last but not least the Hellaborus in the Tuilleries between place Concorde and the Louvre Hellaborus in TuilleriesNow that we live not too far away, we decided to go to Paris more often. I can’t wait for Spring to arrive and see the Jardin Luxembourg in all its glory, not to mention Versailles!! I promise I will share lots and lots of photos with you so watch this space.

What is your favorite season to visit Paris?

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  1. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing Paris!

    1. Hi Benita, we don’t mind one bit that we now live close enough to Paris that we can go for a one night trip.

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