Organic Meat, Free Range and Animal Welfare

Is animal welfare guaranteed with organic food?

This question has been on my mind lately. In order for meat to be sold as organic the animals need to be fed 95% feed organically annually, it can’t be given antibiotics or growth hormones  A sick animal must be treated by a vet but can’t be sold later as an “organic” animal. And one of the most important things an organic animal must have access to the outdoors.

Eating Organic food is HOT!
So the demand for organic or free-range meat has risen as well. We all have this vision of chickens roaming around on a grassy field, happily plucking worms out of the ground, cows and sheep frolicking around in a field and pigs rolling around in the mud.

With that vision in mind we dig in that juicy steak and marvel at the taste.

But is that vision correct?

General Recipes

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

This year for the first time I sowed purple sprouting broccoli. It is a variety on the regular broccoli.

Sowing time is from March to May, the plants grow large, larger then I thought so make sure you give them some room to grow. It will withstand frosts and snow and is ready for harvest from January onward. This makes it a great choice to grow because right at that time you may have depleted your supplies and your winter veg like Brussels sprouts and kale may be gone as well.

It is very important to eat the sprouting broccoli as soon as you can after picking them, that way they stay sweet and crispy.  You can eat them raw, stir fried with chili and noodles, make an Italian dish with it, steam it, you name it! I am very much looking forward to eating them.


Gift from a Bird

Last week I wrote about bird feeders made from recycled materials. That night one of the feeders had been used. Probably not by a nice little robin, great tit or even a starling but a much bigger bird. There was bird food on the ground and a gift from the bird in the bowl.

Thank you for the food, here is a little present for you….


Introducing Sow and So

A little overdue since I have started blogging already but I would like to tell you what Sow and So is about.


Sow and So is about gardening, organically of course because if you have ever tasted an organic carrot, strawberry or anything else homegrown you really don’t want to go back to the tasteless supermarket veg and fruits.
I have noticed that with growing your own food you can be more inspiring in the kitchen. Make your own pesto or tomato sauce instead of buying ready made in a package or jar.
Now I know that you need to put some time and effort in growing your own food. Time these days is not something people think they have a lot of. You work all day and the thought of having another hobby next to the ones you already have seems like such a burden.
With this blog I will try to let you see that it is worth it.

2000 Square Meters

First I need to tell you that I am not a garden Guru. I have started growing food in our small backyard in Rotterdam, The Netherlands  3 years ago on 2×2 m2. I made lots of mistakes and still do and I will tell you all about them so you might skip them and make other mistakes…
I now have a plot of land of 2000 m2 ( In Belgium) which I will slowly convert into a profit making vegetable garden, orchard and bee farm. For more information about our transition I would  like to refer to my “about” page.

So what to expect on this blog?

We will tell you all about the season past and the growing season to come.
We will talk about everything from seeds, sowing, growing, harvesting and preserving.
We will write book reviews on the new and old garden books
We will let you know about the newest trends in gardening
We will share our idea’s about using recycled and sustainable materials
We will share our recipe’s and

a lot more….

I say we because there will be guest bloggers.

Guest Bloggers

My friend Bridget Elahcene from Great Britain will tell you all about her backyard garden which produces food but looks amazing as well. She will tell you about keeping chickens and making wine and so much more then that.

Next to Bridget we will probably have more guest bloggers, you just have to come back to Sow and So and see.

My goal is to have an interactive blog, where readers can leave comments, questions and exchange idea’s.

Sow let’s get started!


Bird feeders recycling style

My auntie Corrie sends me garden magazines from Holland now and then. Next to going to garden centers, buying way to many gardening books I have an obsession with garden magazines. I even buy the French magazines and try to figure out the texts with a dictionary.  So in one of my auntie’s magazines I saw a photo of bird feeders at € 4,95 a piece.  Not to bad but mine cost € 1,30 total and that is for the bird food.Bird Feeder

From the cupboard I got a few plastic bowls I wasn’t using, and looked around in the pile which was supposedly going to the recycling center and found two iron pipes. I drilled a hole in the bowls and a few small ones so the rainwater may drain out and put the pipes in the bowls. This is the result;

Bird FeederI cant wait to see how it will look when everything is covered in snow and these colorful bowls are sticking out. Now we just have to see if the birds think I did a good job. At least they will be a little safer from our cats….. I hope.




Recipe: Banana bread

What do you do when you have these?


You search the net for a recipe and get to work

Flower, sugar and bananas

Which will result in this tasty banana bread

Banana bread