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New year, New beginnings

Winter is finally upon us. Last weekend we had a lot of snow and now the temperature has dropped to minus 10 degrees centigrade.


The garden is covered with snow, almost knee deep, so it is even hard to differentiate between path and raised bed. Together with a friend I cleaned up the snow inside the polytunnel before heavy frosts make it impossible to sweep the snow from the top. Inside, the calendulas are getting a beating. I am pretty sure that with a few days of heavy frosts they will finally succumb to the winter weather. Everything else is at a standstill. I still have a few spinach, kohlrabi, endive and cabbage greens but they are all small and not growing very fast.

Poly with snow


So there is nothing else to do now but plan for the coming season and wait until spring comes around the corner. My organic as well as some heirloom seeds have arrived from Vreeken zaden in the Netherlands. They have an amazing selection of varieties and I spent some happy hours filling that shopping cart on their site.


I decided on a bit more of an adventurous journey in 2016 with tomatoes. Last year’s tomato experience was an enormous success. So this year I have gone for the bush cherry tomato Whippersnapper, a beef tomato called Glory of Mechelen (a city in Belgium), and two varieties of medium large tomatoes. As usual I have probably gone overboard choosing four different kinds but since I started selling some of my surplus vegetables to colleagues I need to have some kind of business sense and want to present them with varieties of tomatoes you would be unlikely to find in the supermarket.


I have bought a lot of chilli pepper seeds as well. As a big chilli fan, it is a must to grow at least two or three varieties. Last year I had little time for gardening and my chillis punished me for that. The yield wasn’t as big as I had hoped. This was all due to irregular watering…. and lack of talking to them. This year I am hoping to better myself and have set myself a new goal. I have bought the Caribbean blend which consists of 25 seeds of a selected variety of chillis. Some very rare ones. The funny part is that I will have no idea what I will be growing until the chillis are formed. Next to that I will grow Ancho chillis and Chilhuacal negro chillis and I will try to sing to all of them to keep them happy.

Colourful Chillies


My colleagues love my homegrown courgettes. They claim the taste is so much better than the supermarket ones. I wouldn’t know because I hardly ever buy courgettes. I eat them homegrown when in season and out of season I eat seasonal vegetables. So the packet from Vreeken  All colours and shapes will appeal to my work mates. With 40 seeds I am pretty sure they will all get sick and tired of my courgettes …and maybe even my courgette chocolate cake – eventually!

Courgettes in the october polytunnel

The only outside of the box seeds I will be sowing are Canadian blueberries. I love blueberries but the plants are expensive to buy. It will probably take me a few years but growing them from seed will be cheaper and will give me stronger plants.

I just can’t wait to start sowing!

6 thoughts on “New year, New beginnings

  1. I’m amazed you have time to go to work, though I’m sure your colleagues are glad that you do or they wouldn’t be able to buy all the home grown goodies from you. 🙂
    I’m not sure about a chocolate courgette cake though!!

    1. And I work full time with 2 hours commute every day Tina! But gardening is relaxing (most of the time) and I can get my work stress out of the way.

      The chocolate courgette cake is really really good. If you are around Bridgette or me during courgette season we will make one for you.
      Laila Noort recently posted…New year, New beginningsMy Profile

  2. Laila: I’m a dunce when it comes to greenhouses. What generates / keeps the heat for the garden to keep on growing? Michael
    Michael Dahl recently posted…garden bloggers share their favorite posts, pt 1My Profile

    1. Every ray of sunshine really. We do not have a heated poly unfortunately but if it is sunny the warmth will stay in the poly for a long time. However with the very cold nights we have had last week my calendula and chard has suffered a real beating. 🙁
      Laila Noort recently posted…New year, New beginningsMy Profile

  3. Your courgettes are beautiful! No wonder your workmates love them and why you don’t buy any from the store. I also bought a lot of different types of chili seeds to plant. I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out!

    1. Thanks Jake! I am also very much looking forward to this growing season. Would be great if you pass by our facebook page this summer and post some photos of your chillis. Can’t wait to see them!
      Laila Noort recently posted…New year, New beginningsMy Profile

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