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Grow Your Own Camomile


Even if you are a novice, camomile is one of the easiest things you’ll ever grow in your garden. It belongs to the daisy family with its happy yellow face and pretty white petals. There are different kinds of Camomile such as Garden Camomile, Field Camomile, wild Camomile, Moroccan Camomile, German Camomile and Roman Camomile. If you want to grow Camomile to make infusions it’s best to get your Roman camomile or German camomile seeds from a seed company rather than foraging for them in the wild because not all are suitable for consumption.

Camomile at dusk

Camomile Tea

Camomile is often used in teas and is known for its calming effect. When you are stressed or you have trouble sleeping, then a cup of camomile tea will help. There are more reasons why you should drink camomile tea! It will help you prevent a cold and for women it will help with menstrual pain and above all, recent studies have shown that drinking camomile tea fights cancer. This is because camomile contains the chemical apigenin which can halt the spread of cancerous cells (check out this article in the Daily Mail online for more information).

Camomile is also used in cosmetics because it’s known for its anti-inflammatory effects. I get sinusitis frequently and use camomile in a steam bath to calm down my irritated sinuses.

Camomile dried and ready for tea

Still not convinced? Then I have another reason why you should grow this miracle plant: it’s said that flies don’t like the scent of camomile, so growing them near your windows and doors deters them from coming inside.

How to make camomile tea

Camomile self-seeds freely so think carefully about where you want to sow because next year they will come back. You can harvest the fresh flowers and use them in your tea straight away but make sure you keep some to dry for the winter months when you’ll need it most. I harvest the flowers with their stems attached and hang them to dry in an airy dry place. After they have dried out, I  detach the flowers which is a bit of a fiddly job …but with a nice cup of camomile tea by your side it will be done in no time.  Another option is to oven dry the flowers. See how to do this on Ryan’s Garden blog.

Camomile is one of those plants that has so much going for it. Just one packet of seeds will provide you with flowers for years. Its special properties help your stressed-out body on the inside as well as on the outside – as well as infusing it as a herbal tea why not put some flowers in your bath because they even help aching muscles.  It will comfort you through the cold winter months and give you joyous fly-free summers!



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  1. What sort of growing conditions does Camomile prefer? Full sun, shade, partial shade …or any? I’m planning to have a go!

  2. Camomile likes full sun and well drained soil. You should definitely give it a try Bridget, I will look really well next to the ox-eye daisies..
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