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First Asparagus at Sowandso Belgium

Last year I sowed some asparagus seeds and planted out the seedlings a bit late in the season in the new bed near the house.


Growing Asparagus from seed is a tricky business as you never know if the plant will be a female or male plant. As Bridget mentioned before in Asparagus at the Villas males produce better spears than female. But growing from seed is a lot cheaper so I was willing to give it a go.


Fall came and the little feathery leaves died back, weeds took over and covered the bed. I was sure the plants did not survive the fluctuating winter weather we had this year. Ready to clear the bed of weeds and grow something new I started to clean it vigorously.


15 plants

Suddenly my eye caught sight of a tiny asparagus and I went down on my knees, carefully clearing away the weeds around it. I planted in rows so I checked the rest of the bed and found more than 15 tiny plants some with more than 5 little spears. I immediately contacted Bridget as she is my go-to woman when it comes to Asparagus and she advised me to leave the spears this year, than tentatively harvest a few next so I can enjoy a full harvest in year 3.


These asparagus will stay in the same bed for the next 20 years or so, thus a little patience is not too much to ask. I think I am going to sow a few more now!

2 thoughts on “First Asparagus at Sowandso Belgium

  1. You’ve done well! I tried growing some Asparagus from seed, but got poor germination and only a few very weak plants, which didn’t make it through their first Winter.
    Mark Willis recently posted…Shuffling things aroundMy Profile

    1. I had kind of figured mine would not survive either. I love it when plants defy all odds. These are the ones to treasure.
      Laila Noort recently posted…First Asparagus at Sowandso BelgiumMy Profile

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