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What is your Dream Garden like?

New House

Last week they finished building the outside of our new house but lurking behind it there are still piles and piles of soil and everything is horribly muddy and wet. The whole place still has a building plot feel about it. I’m finding it hard to imagine that this time next year I will be able to create our very own back garden. I look at those heaps of soil and stones and wonder how on earth I can create something beautiful out of it. I know it’s “one spade at a time” and yes I do have a plan… sort of.

Potential dream garden


So allow me tell you what my dream garden will look like. Behind the house we will build a veranda to extend our living space and to allow us a bit of outdoors indoors, if you see what I mean. Then we’ll have a terrace connecting to the veranda on which to sit and have a cup of tea. On the north side I want to have an outdoor kitchen with a clay oven, seats and a roof so we can BBQ or bake pizzas even when it’s raining (which it does here, a lot).

I trawl Pinterest for new back garden ideas, outdoor kitchens, sheds and a whole lot more. I’ve seen photos of the most fantastic and grand terraces with huge, classy, shiny kitchens which make me sigh with envy …but frankly I like DIY and using recycled materials is so much better. It makes me feel more at one with nature and let’s face it it’s more affordable as well as more do-able.

Dream Garden

On the south side, next to the track, I would like a shed-come-garage to provide a buffer zone from the relentless wind that hits us from the west and of course in which to store the expanding collection of garden tools.

Our land is 20 metres wide and in the middle of it we plan to have a rectangular lawn, making mowing so much easier and on both sides we will have small trees, shrubs and flowers …lots and lots of flowers.¬†Our back garden will be about 30 metres long, excluding the vegetable garden, polytunnel, orchard and¬†meadow, so as you can imagine, we will need a lot of plants to fill it.

This is my dream garden. It will take a few years and a lot of effort to create and some parts of my dream might never be realised but that’s okay because everyone needs something to dream about and aim for.

What does your dream garden look like?

Please leave a comment and let me know. I can’t wait to read your responses…


4 thoughts on “What is your Dream Garden like?

  1. My dream garden involves so many vegetables that a few casualties would go unnoticed. At present, my garden is so small that even one failed plant in a row of maybe 6 broccoli or a dozen lettuces is a serious issue!

  2. I wish I could give you a piece of my land Mark, but still I weep when slugs devour my french beans so I understand your frustration. Who knows one day you might have your dream garden!

  3. First off, Laila, best of luck in making your dream garden happen. So much of the joy comes in the steady progress toward the dream.

    In my dream garden (for the yard space I actually have), I will have trellises that are beautiful as well as functional. My compost bin will build all the soil I need to keep my raised beds healthy.

    I will have a bed devoted to dandelions and other edible “weeds.”

    I will get the soil mix / ph correct to finally grow a variety of peppers successfully. And, I will grow popcorn (as I successfully did 20 plus years ago), because I just love telling people I grow popcorn. Beans and squash will trellis their way up the popcorn stalks, because I’ve always loved the pictures I’ve seen of squash and beans trellising up regular corn stalks.

    My dream garden will have functional gates that open and shut. I am terrible at building things, so my current “gates” are really just places where the fence is low enough to allow me to straddle over, but tall enough to keep critters out.

    But most importantly, my dream garden will grow most of the vegetables I eat for the year, which will be in abundant supply fresh, canned (which I have not yet learned how to do), or in a freezer chest (I have yet to have in my basement).

    Thanks for asking, Laila. I, too, look forward to reading what others post.

    1. I like your dream garden Michael! It is not that difficult as mine to accomplice, some of the things on your list are actually super easy. For growing “popcorn” you can use the strawberry popcorn variety, as long as the corn is fertilized properly it will grow and produce ( . Peppers do actually very well in pots so the soil mix is easier to control. If you have limited space I would not have a bed devoted to dandelions or other edible weeds, they are so easy to find in the wild which saves space for other Veg to grow. Besides that it is hard to constrict for example dandelions to that one bed and before you know it your other veg beds are overgrown. I can’t help you on the gates part but there are many easy DIY examples on Pinterest. I am looking forward to reading about your endeavors on creating your dream garden!

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