In praise of Crape Myrtles

Although strongly associated with the southern states of America, the Crape Myrtle can, with the right care, thrive in cooler more northerly areas as well.

Climbing hydrangea ticks all the boxes!

Did I mention we’re building a two storey extension on the side of our house (see Nature not Nuture)? It means we now have a big, beautiful blank canvass of a wall which I would like to adorn with some appropriate plantage.

Time for Topiary at the Villas…

After much consideration, research and nerve mustering, at last I have taken the bull by the horns – or should I say, the shears by the handles – and topiarised our handsome two metre tall (and rapidly growing) Cupressus tree!

Farewell Rosa Rugosa… Hello Daphne Odora

Just when we thought we had finally finished garden design at the Villas, I had a change of heart about Zone 2 (previously known as the Secret Garden).

Ode to the Elder

We simply love the Elder. This fast growing hedgerow plant with its heavenly fragrant flowers and dark purple berries is not only pretty, but also useful.

How to keep patio plants pot-happy!

Every week I email a gardening question to the panel of experts at BBC Radio Norfolk’s The Garden Party and then eagerly listen to the programme the following day, scribbling down the gems of information they kindly offer. Sometimes Laila sends a question or two as well. This is a transcript of the advice that […]