Introducing Sow and So

A little overdue since I have started blogging already but I would like to tell you what Sow and So is about.


Sow and So is about gardening, organically of course because if you have ever tasted an organic carrot, strawberry or anything else homegrown you really don’t want to go back to the tasteless supermarket veg and fruits.
I have noticed that with growing your own food you can be more inspiring in the kitchen. Make your own pesto or tomato sauce instead of buying ready made in a package or jar.
Now I know that you need to put some time and effort in growing your own food. Time these days is not something people think they have a lot of. You work all day and the thought of having another hobby next to the ones you already have seems like such a burden.
With this blog I will try to let you see that it is worth it.

2000 Square Meters

First I need to tell you that I am not a garden Guru. I have started growing food in our small backyard in Rotterdam, The Netherlands  3 years ago on 2×2 m2. I made lots of mistakes and still do and I will tell you all about them so you might skip them and make other mistakes…
I now have a plot of land of 2000 m2 ( In Belgium) which I will slowly convert into a profit making vegetable garden, orchard and bee farm. For more information about our transition I would  like to refer to my “about” page.

So what to expect on this blog?

We will tell you all about the season past and the growing season to come.
We will talk about everything from seeds, sowing, growing, harvesting and preserving.
We will write book reviews on the new and old garden books
We will let you know about the newest trends in gardening
We will share our idea’s about using recycled and sustainable materials
We will share our recipe’s and

a lot more….

I say we because there will be guest bloggers.

Guest Bloggers

My friend Bridget Elahcene from Great Britain will tell you all about her backyard garden which produces food but looks amazing as well. She will tell you about keeping chickens and making wine and so much more then that.

Next to Bridget we will probably have more guest bloggers, you just have to come back to Sow and So and see.

My goal is to have an interactive blog, where readers can leave comments, questions and exchange idea’s.

Sow let’s get started!


First signs of winter

It was already a few weeks ago. I had cleaned out the garden, broke down the bean trellis and sowed green manure. The garden was almost ready for winter but I wasn’t yet. Although I love living with the seasons, the cold of the winter is not my favorite even if it is so very pretty in the early morning light.

First signs of winter

The little pond I had dug in August had a thin layer of ice on it.

Pond with ice

And this is only the beginning, later in the season there will be snow, lots of snow!


My Garden Successes of 2011


KaleMy biggest success is my Redbor F1 Kale. The purple color looks amazing in the garden. Because of the color the bugs more or less leave it alone and this time I was smart enough to plant a few plants so they could grow big and magnificent.
A few weeks ago after the first frost I made a typical Dutch winter dish with mashed potatoes.
The kale turned green while cooked and left the purple color in the mashed potatoes which gave it a unique perspective on the dish.Here is the recipe for this typical Dutch dish.


ChardThis year it was the first time for me to grow chard and what a great success it has been. The fantastic colors brightened up the garden and the growing season is amazingly long. Cut and come back again works really well with Chard.
I have used chard like I normally do spinach, or asian style stir fry it with garlic, chili peppers, ginger and soy sauce.
Another great recipe is Chard and new potato curry from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall.

Early Potatoes

Potatoes CharlotteAlso this year for the first time:  Potatoes!. The bed I grew it in was not dug deep enough but the plants still gave me plenty of new potatoes until well in the summer. It was a real treasure hunt to dig for these pale golden wonders. The creamy young potatoes could be cooked with the skin on, serve with a little olive oil and butter HMMM!
Next year I am definitely planting early and late potatoes!