A new beginning…again

It has been a long time since I have written anything on this blog. Rest assured, it does not mean I stopped gardening! Life just came in the way of expressing myself here. A lot has happened which I am now ready to share with all of you!!

In praise of Crape Myrtles

Although strongly associated with the southern states of America, the Crape Myrtle can, with the right care, thrive in cooler more northerly areas as well.

First Asparagus at Sowandso Belgium

Last year I sowed some asparagus seeds and planted out the seedlings a bit late in the season in the new bed near the house.

Start Home Composting this Spring

A valuable way to spend your time in the spring period, is gathering materials to produce your own compost.

Tulip Fields in Holland – Wordless Wednesday

I’m In The Garden

It has been a while that we have posted something new here at sowandso.