Pink Aquilegia – Wordless Wednesday

Viburnum Bodnantense – Centre Stage

I chose it to go in one of the borders at the Villas because I wanted to brighten up our garden in the depths of winter.

A Sunflower is filled with Florets

Did you know…? …that a sunflower looks like one large flower, but actually each head is made up of hundreds of tiny flowers called florets, which ripen to become the seeds.

Sow and So Sunflower Competition 2015

The sunflowers have reached their maximum height so it is time to announce this years winner of the Sow and So Sunflower Competition 2015.

Salvia Flowers – Wordless Wednesday

Our Sunflower Competition is a Tradition

Although we haven’t mentioned it so far, our Sunflower competition is more or less a given. The traditional “Who can grow the tallest sunflower” is an annual challenge. At the end of the season you can send us a photo of you with a tape measure measuring your largest sunflower. Who can beat Michael Dahl […]