What Beekeepers Use to Fuel Their Smokers?

Did you know that beekeepers in-the-know use the dried flower heads of the Sumach tree to fuel their smokers!

Use A Banana To Keep Cuttings Fresh

Did you know…? …if you go out and think there might be an opportunity to take some plant cuttings but worry that by the time you get them home they might have deteriorated, take a banana with you! Just make a nick in the skin and push the stem, cut end first, into the soft […]

A Sunflower is filled with Florets

Did you know…? …that a sunflower looks like one large flower, but actually each head is made up of hundreds of tiny flowers called florets, which ripen to become the seeds.

Winter Veg Sweeter after Frost

Did you know that most winter vegetables taste sweeter after a frost?

Cinnamon as Rooting Hormone

Out of rooting hormone? Open your kitchen cupboard and grab some cinnamon! Dip fresh cuttings into it and it will kill fungus and bacteria, helping to keep them disease-free while rooting.

Leave bean roots in the ground!

Did you know…? …that at the end of the season you should cut bean plants like peas, french beans etc at the base but leave the roots in the soil. Once you cut back the plants, the roots excrete the unused nitrogen that has been building up and release it into the soil.