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How it all began…

A few years ago Laila and @RogierNoort lived in Rotterdam, a big city in Holland with all the normal big city problems. They both worked freelance in an office and did the usual long hours followed by a rushed dinner, a few glasses of wine, discussion about how they would like to change their lives …to live off the land and pursue a sustainable way of life. Some time later, they decided they’d talked enough, that they should stop talking about it …and actually DO it!

The Rammed Earth workshop

They wanted a new house and looked into all sorts of sustainable building options, eventually stumbling on a website by a man in England who runs courses on how to build with rammed earth. So one cold, sunny May morning,  off they set to Norfolk with a few hand-picked Dutch friends to learn more about it.

First course

The two-day workshop took place in the back garden of couple Michael and Bridget but as fascinating as it was, before long Laila found herself starting to be more interested in the garden than in the earth ramming! Despite the fact that at the time it was far from finished, she could see the garden had loads of potential and it was blatantly clear just how much love was going into it.

At lunchtime, would Bridget come round with lovely sandwiches and cookies, all home made of course, but there wasn’t a lot of time for them to chat because there was earth to be rammed and theory to get their heads round.

However, they all got on really well and met up in the evenings at the local pub where they talked, laughed and played darts into the night.


DSCN0273A couple of years later, Michael and Bridget were on holiday touring Europe and paid Rogier and Laila a visit en-route. Laila and Bridget instantly picked up where they’d left off at the Villas and got on like a house on fire, chatting endlessly about gardening, harvesting, cooking and preserving.

The idea for a blog had formed in Laila’s mind some time earlier and she asked Bridget whether she would be interested in writing a guest post or two, to which Bridget enthusiastically agreed. One thing led to another and now they enjoy a full blown blogging partnership.


Sharing of minds

Laila writes about cultivating part of their extensive piece of land on the edge of a small village in the Belgian Ardennes whilst Bridget writes about her garden in the English county of Norfolk – a combination of grow your own and ornamentals …with a small flock of chickens on the side.

They are like two peas in a pod, sharing the same interests, sense of humour and views on life and neither can imagine doing SowandSo without the other!

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