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5 Favorite Garden Magazines

Pruning Roses

Yesterday I found myself rooting out my pile of gardening periodicals to check out how to prune roses. It didn’t take me long to find what I needed as Be proud of your Roses – grow the roses of your dreams with our expert tips and advice shouted out loud and clear from the front cover of last July’s edition of Garden answers magazine… Swiftly checking out page 24, I soon felt confident to go out with my secateurs and tackle the job in hand.

Internet or Magazines

Even though most of us have access to the Internet these days and the infinite tips and advice it offers, I strongly believe magazines still have an important part to play in keeping us informed. However, the downside is that they are quite pricey – round about £3.60 a pop here in the UK. Crikey that’s over £40 a year and I could buy a lot of seeds and compost with that!

Here’s the ruse – do like I did and commit yourself to buying a gardening magazine once a month for just twelve months then use them like a horticultural encyclopaedia for ever more. Although there are undeniably fashions and trends in the gardening world, on the whole this kind of information doesn’t date and twelve glossy magazines don’t really take up that much space.

My top five growing magazines:

  1. BBC Gardeners’ World
  2. Grow your own
  3. Grow it!
  4. Garden answers
  5. Kitchen garden
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