Wordless Wednesday: Late Summer, Norfolk Sky

Late summer, Norfolk sky...


But wait.., there is more...

Asparagus at the Villas – in for the long ha... Here at the Villas, we're massive asparagus fans! I first started to grow it three of four years ago when I bought half a dozen Connovers Colossal crowns in the bargain bin at my local garden centre. I already had a small raised bed dedicated to the cause, dug over and raring to go, so in they went, making my first row.


  1. beautiful. This reminds me of Van Goch

  2. Haha, you sound like me Bridget. When we’re on our bikes we stop more for me to take photos than we do cycling. Lovely picture x

    • Thanks Tina – glad you like it. It’s that late summer sun that bathes everything with a unique light… very special x

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