Spider on a Leaf – Wordless Wednesday


Leafy greens and summer dreams …in the Ardennes polytunnel!


It is a full house again in the polytunnel. Where last year I was already battling a war against aphids, this year I have yet to see a single one! Fingers crossed it will stay that way.

Red Currant Flowers – Wordless Wednesday

Red Currant flower - feature

Surprise Appearances in the Garden

Bee on cabbage flower

Gone is the last of winter, hello Spring! You have finally arrived. And you bring a few surprise appearances to the garden.

Still Waiting for Spring to Arrive in our Garden…

Blueberry buds - feature

It seems that here in the Belgian Ardennes over the last few days, every minute of the day the weather changes. Sunshine is followed by a hailstones as big as grapes, followed by black clouds and angry howling winds …to have the sun return once again.

Cucumber Flowers – Wordless Wednesday

Cucumber flower

Helleborus Spring Promise – Wordless Wednesday


What do you do about mice in your garden?


This winter we have had lost of snow but it has not been as cold as usual. The mice have kept on procreating and the result is devastating.

New Growth in the Polytunnel

Chinese cabbage - feature

After all the snow, fiercely cold winds, icicles and slippery roads we were suddenly pleasantly surprised by a surge in temperatures and….sunshine!

Start of a New Growing Season – Wordless Wednesday

Cucumber seedling

A little Spring Gift – Wordless Wednesday

The Gift of Spring

Winter Blues

Front garden with snow

It has been snowing for more than a week here in the Belgian Ardennes. The garden has vanished under a bright white icy carpet. Inside I started sowing in the heated propagator.

Gardening in January


January is one of those months that gardening is almost impossible here in the Belgian Ardennes. It’s either snowing, raining or both at the same time. The soil to frozen or to muddy.

Looking Forward to Spring – Wordless Wednesday

Pear Blossom Feature