Polytunnel in December

Broad Beans in Polytunnel in december - feature

Outside it is -1°C, inside it is 10°C. Inside the polytunnel that is!

Frosty Helleborus – Wordless Wednesday

Frosty Hellaborus Feature

5 Reasons to Grow Sanguisorba Minor


So how about Sanguisorba, also known as garden burnet or salad burnet. It’s edible, medicinal, draught resistant, perennial and butterflies love them.

A Sunny Autumn day in the Ardennes – Wordless Wednesday

Sunny Autumn day in the Ardennes

November in the polytunnel

Rainbow Chard mid november - feature

Today I took the day off work and got to spend time in the garden. BLISS!!

Autumn Colours – Wordless Wednesday

Autumn colours Yellow

Misty Morning in the Ardennes – Wordless Wednesday

Misty Morning in the Ardennes - feature

Colourful Chillis – Wordless Wednesday

Colourful Chillies - feature

Four reasons to grow Turnips

Turnips without leaves

Turnips – even the name is a bit of a turn-off.  So why would anyone want to grow them, right? Well, as it turns (ha!) out I have FOUR reasons why you should. And as a bonus a lovely recipe for you to try… Europe Turnips are one of those vegetables that are well known […]

A Cheerful Autumn – Wordless Wednesday

Autumn bouquet - feature

Rosehip Syrup Recipe


We made rosehip syrup from homegrown and foraged rosehips.

Evening Sun on Nasturtiums – Wordless Wednesday

Evening sun on nasturtiums

Honeyed Hazels Recipe


After seeing nuts forming on my own plants I suddenly saw a wild ones growing not far from my home. As soon as the nuts turned a bit yellowy brown I went back to pick a few before the squirrels got them. Honeyed Hazels was the next logical step.

Butterflies on Sedum – Wordless Wednesday

butterflies on Sedum - feature