First Artichoke Flower – Wordless Wednesday

First Artichoke flower Feature

Wildflower Meadow in full Bloom

Wildflower Meadow Feature

Remember we sowed a wildflower meadow in March? We sowed perennials indigenous to the region and suitable for the heavy clay soil we have here.

First Blueberry of the Season – Wordless Wednesday

Blueberries Feature

The Polytunnel in July

Polytunnel in July feature

It’s already mid July and summer is well and truly here. We’ve had our first heatwave making it extremely hot in the polytunnel. In these conditions, the only thing to do is water the plants very early in the morning, open all the doors and side ventilation and leave it be until dinner time for a quick in-and-out to harvest produce for supper.

Our very first rose…

Rose Feature

This year I am growing roses for the first time. I never bothered with them before, thinking they were fussy and needed a lot of maintenance but when I saw a box containing two plants for 2.99 at our local budget supermarket I thought, why not!

Elderflower Champagne Recipe

Elderflowers ready for champagne making

Don’t you just love the smell of elderflowers? Did you know that next to elderflower cordial you could also make a delicious elderflower champagne? And that it is extremely easy to do?

Nuts for Cobnuts – Wordless Wednesday

Cobnut feature

Harvest Monday – July 7th

Harvest Monday July 7th feature

All that sunshine that we have been having has done wonders for the vegetables in the polytunnel. Everything is growing a lot faster then last year but then again, we constructed the tunnel in April so this year I had the advantage of an early start.

Flax – A tiny blue flower with a large history

Flax 3

The colour blue is my favourite and therefore I am very fond of blue flowers. Bright blue cornflowers, bee-favourite borage, baby blue nigellas, …they have all found a place in my garden.

Harvest Monday – June 30th 2014

Harvest Monday June 30th French Beans Purple Queen

This weeks harvest is all about spinach, radishes, french beans and kale.

Ice Ice (Flower) Baby – Wordless Wednesday

Ice flower 2 WW

Bean Waiting – Wordless Wednesday


The Giant Poppy Has Returned


Remember two years ago I saw one single giant bright red poppy in our garden? Thistle Well… last week I was cutting the lawn when I spotted a clump of devilish thistles. I was just about to run the mower over them when I suddenly noticed  three giant poppy buds amongst them… So with great [...]

The Flowers in my Garden… at the moment


After moving into our new home we gained a front- and back garden. Requiring many flowers of course.