Sowing a Wild Flower Meadow


In March we finally picked up our pre ordered hedge plants and while we were at the eco nursery I also collected a bag of wild flower seeds to sow a meadow full of flowers for the birds and the bees. Good Variety A good nursery will provide a variety of wild flower seed packs [...]

A Pansy Popped Up; Wordless Wednesday

Pansy 1 copy

The Polytunnel in March

Polytunnel march 2014 3 copy

The last few weekends have been busy with me spending virtually every waking hour planting out the hedge in our new back garden. Now the task is done, at last I find myself with some time to spend in the polytunnel. Pollinators The sun was shining and not one cloud was in sight, the doors [...]

New life in the Garden; Wordless Wednesday

Blueberry buds small

Hairy Tomato – Wordless Wednesday

Hairy Tomato1

The first steps taken creating our back garden…


This article is about pain, suffering, clay, rocks, rain and 80 hedge plants. So let’s start with the 80 hedge plants, a few months ago I contacted my favourite nursery here in Belgium to order some plants to create a hedge in our new back garden. With the last two winters on my mind I [...]

Save money, GYO and eat Healthy(ier)


The world is still in recession. Even though there is some slight optimism for the coming year, there are still lots of businesses filing for bankruptcy, which means the loss of jobs, and more and more people living below the poverty line. Grocery shopping is very expensive and there does not seem to be an [...]

Luke and Leia “Helping” in the Garden; Wordless Wednesday

Luke and Leia Helping in the garden 2

Now’s the time to start growing your own!


All gardeners know this feeling …your fingers start itching, you spread the seed packs in front of you and run your fingers through the seed compost. Sowing That frantic time of sowing, pricking out, repotting and planting out is about to start. The prospect of that first sweet carrot or the sight of that handsome [...]

Wordless Wednesday; A Blooming Amaryllis

Amaryllis 1 copy

Recipe: Creative with Kale

kale speltotto

Varieties I love Kale. It has been on my must grow list for years now and I have tried a few different varieties. First the Redbor F1 which has a lovely purple colour …and now for two seasons I have grown a Dutch variety which is especially good for our heavy clay soil and harsh [...]

This week in the Sow and So Belgium Garden

lettuce in the polytunnel in January copy

Rain My garden, like many of yours, is WET WET WET. The clay soil sticks to everything and there are pools of water on top of some of the veg beds. Until now, winter has been stormy but mild …with lots of rain. I am only complaining a little bit because it could be a [...]

Frosted Twig – Wordless Wednesday


Review; Kingdom of Plants 3D Blu-ray

Kingdom of Plants 3D copy

3D TV In our new fancy house we now have a new fancy 3D TV, a very generous gift from my mother in law, carefully chosen after months of consideration by my husband. For me the whole TV thing wasn’t important, it’s a TV and it needs to show pictures and how good can this [...]