Pink Aquilegia – Wordless Wednesday

In praise of Crape Myrtles

Although strongly associated with the southern states of America, the Crape Myrtle can, with the right care, thrive in cooler more northerly areas as well.

First Asparagus at Sowandso Belgium

Last year I sowed some asparagus seeds and planted out the seedlings a bit late in the season in the new bed near the house.

Tulip Fields in Holland – Wordless Wednesday

I’m In The Garden

It has been a while that we have posted something new here at sowandso.

New year, New beginnings

Winter is finally upon us. Last weekend we had a lot of snow and now the temperature has dropped to minus 10 degrees centigrade.

Let’s Grow In 2016

Winter Veg Sweeter after Frost

Did you know that most winter vegetables taste sweeter after a frost?

Leave bean roots in the ground!

Did you know…? …that at the end of the season you should cut bean plants like peas, french beans etc at the base but leave the roots in the soil. Once you cut back the plants, the roots excrete the unused nitrogen that has been building up and release it into the soil.

Best Apple Pie EVER!

Our apple trees are bursting with ripe juicy fruit …so now’s the time to make the best apple pie EVER!

Milkweed Seeds – Wordless Wednesday

First Signs of Autumn – Wordless Wednesday

How to Increase your Tomato Harvest!

I have this amazing polytunnel but have never been able to grow tomatoes successfully. Until this year that is! After coming across a special tomato planter on the internet we decided to give it a try…

Last of the Courgette Flowers – Wordless Wednesday