• The Polytunnel in July

    It’s already mid July and summer is well and truly here. We’ve had our first heatwave making it extremely hot in the polytunnel. In these conditions, the only thing to do is water the plants very early in the morning, open all the doors and side ventilation and leave it be until dinner time for a quick in-and-out to harvest produce for supper.

    The Polytunnel in July
  • P is for Pappus – Word Up!

    The fine, tufty whorl of hairs which aids seed dispersal by wind, such as dandelions and other members of the Compositae family.

    P is for Pappus – Word Up!
  • Feeling Peachy – Wordless Wednesday
  • Our very first rose…

    This year I am growing roses for the first time. I never bothered with them before, thinking they were fussy and needed a lot of maintenance but when I saw a box containing two plants for 2.99 at our local budget supermarket I thought, why not!

    Our very first rose…
  • O is for Osier – Word Up!

    Osier \ˈəʊzɪə\ Any willow (particularly Salix viminalis) that grows mostly in wet habitats. Usually coppiced or pollarded, it is a major source of the long flexible shoots (withies) used in basketwork.

    O is for Osier – Word Up!

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